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Riding arena planners

ideal for balanced riding arena maintenance

The love for the horse - this unites all people, no matter which equestrian sport they operate. Among other things, the well-being of the horses is based on the ground, ie the riding ground on which they walk, trot or gallop. The proper care of the riding ground is therefore also the horse care.

There is no such thing as the correct machine for the various operations of caring for the optimum surface for horses. Depending on the terrain itself and the local conditions, you have the choice between small, simple ropeway planners to big and heavy ones.

In the Neuhaus agricultural machinery range, horse lovers, riding arena operators, trotting event organizers and polo fans will find, among other things, machines for planning riding arenas from various manufacturers. So what exactly is important when choosing a riding arena planner?


Which riding surface is there?

Basically, riders have the opportunity to choose from different backgrounds. The most common choice is sand - especially on high-quality riding sand. This riding surface should always and evenly be processed. Mixed floors of sand in combination with fleece or a mixture of wood chips are usually coarse-grained and require a different care.

The riding arena levelers in our range, all in different versions, ensure that the riding surface is loosened, mixed, smoothed and ultimately also reconsolidated in one operation. Depending on the model, the soil is roughened with tines, while smoothing and compacting is done with leveling plates or rollers.

There are also riding arena planners that only have a sign and can be used on pure sandy soil, but these harden the soil more than they care for it. We always advise, for the benefit of rider and horse, to loosen the ground first before consolidating it again.

Riding arena care - with the right device no problem

In our Reitplatz planner assortment you will find a wide variety of machine types, eg the Reitplatz planner

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Riding arena planners BG

We run the riding site planner BG in the variants BG 1600, BG 2000, BG 2400 and BG 2800. The difference between these 4 riding planners is the respective working width. Measured in millimeters, this is 1600, 2000, 2400 or 2800 mm. Optional with these riding planner models is an adapter, so that they can be pulled by quads.

Riding Arena Leveler Neuhaus professional

The Equus riding arena planners are ideal arena planners for mixed floors and are available in 3 different versions with a roller. They are ideal for ebb and flow systems, mat systems with a sand footing or for riding arenas with sieved material. With the attachment adapters, the Equus riding arena planner can also be used for ATV / quads or wheel loaders.
You can also read our guide to using professional Riding arena planner cheap and yet top price/performance.

Tips for riding arena care

In addition to the riding place maintenance by Bahnplaner you can also take other measures to maintain your valuable riding floor (in advance). In addition to the correct and recommended use, you should collect the many fallen horsepowers regularly. An even irrigation is also important because especially modern riding sand needs a lot of water.

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