Agricultural machinery Neuhaus

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Agricultural machinery Neuhaus

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Using an agricultural tiller offers several advantages:

  1. soil loosening : The tiller loosens the soil effectively. Breaking up soil compaction improves water and air permeability, which promotes root growth and plant nutrient uptake.

  2. weed control : Milling destroys or removes weeds from the ground at various stages of growth. This reduces the need for chemical herbicides and can naturally control the weed population.

  3. tillage : The tiller can incorporate organic materials such as compost or fertilizer into the soil. This improves soil structure and increases nutrient levels, promoting plant growth.

  4. Preparation of seedbeds : Milling can be used to prepare seedbeds by smoothing and loosening the soil. This creates optimal conditions for sowing and promotes uniform seed germination.

  5. Time and labor savings : Compared to manual methods, using a tiller saves time and manpower. Large areas can be processed efficiently, increasing productivity and reducing workload.

  6. versatility : Rotary tillers are available in different sizes and designs that can be adapted to different soil types and requirements. This makes them versatile and can be used for various agricultural applications.

Overall, the use of an agricultural rotary tiller helps to improve soil quality, increase yields and increase the efficiency of agricultural work.


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