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A “hay rake” is an agricultural machine used for collecting and windrowing hay. The word "swathing" refers to the act of raking hay together into rows to dry it more efficiently or to prepare it for further processing, such as baling or loading it onto a trailer. A hay rake can come in a variety of sizes and designs, from simple handheld tools to larger machines pulled by tractors or other farm equipment.

Rakes / tedders are indispensable in agriculture and in grassland technology. The on-site gathering of grass and hay and turning it over for drying purposes is no longer done by hand, but simply and easily with a rake / turner. Different requirements of the grass or hay make either ...

  • a swath turner,
  • a tedder or also
  • a rotary swather

... makes sense. At Agricultural Machinery Neuhaus you can order rakes and tedders from the manufacturers Talex and ENOROSSI online or buy them directly from us on site. You can choose from the "hay tedder, rotary tedder, rotary tedder ENOROSSI Vortex G2V 310" (ideal for small and compact tractors) and the "swath turner, swath fan Talex BOCIAN 170" with adjustable swath width.

What exactly is a “swath fan”?

A “swath aerator” is an agricultural device that is primarily used in haymaking. It is used to turn and loosen the dried hay or straw to ensure even drying. The name derives from the task that consists of “raking” or “swathing” the dry hay or straw, which means turning it over to achieve even drying.

The windrower usually consists of a frame that can slide over the ground and rotating tines or wheels that loosen and turn the material. Turning the hay or straw regularly ensures that it dries evenly and that the quality of the feed is maintained. Windrowers are particularly useful during hay harvesting when the weather is unpredictable and quick drying is required to protect the hay from rain.


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