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Agricultural machinery Neuhaus

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Cleanliness on paths, streets, alleys or other places is not just a question of neatness, but above all of safety. With an agricultural sweeper from the manufacturer Talex or GEO, you can ensure that cycle paths, roads, pedestrian paths and other transport options present a perfect visual appearance. 

A tractor-mounted sweeper can be useful in agriculture for various reasons:

  1. Cleanliness: A sweeper can help keep the field, yard or other agricultural area clean by efficiently picking up dirt, dust, leaves, stones and other contaminants.

  2. Weed control: Regular sweeping can remove weeds and grass from paved areas such as driveways, sidewalks and yard areas, which helped control weed growth and improve aesthetics.

  3. Pest prevention: Removing organic material and debris can help reduce the habitats of pests such as insects, rodents and other disease vectors, which in turn can help reduce damage to plants and crops.

  4. Maintenance and Care: Regular sweeping of fields and other agricultural areas can help extend the life of equipment and infrastructure by removing debris and dirt that could lead to corrosion and other damage.

  5. Efficiency: A sweeper can speed up the cleaning process and make it more efficient, especially when connected to a tractor, which makes the job easier and can cover larger areas in less time.

  6. Versatility: Sweepers can often be customized to fit different tractor models and are often available with different attachments and options, increasing their versatility and allowing farmers to use them for various cleaning and maintenance tasks.

Overall, a tractor-mounted sweeper can increase efficiency, improve cleanliness, and help keep farms tidy and well-maintained


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