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Agricultural machinery Neuhaus

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reverse milling

Using a reversible milling machine offers several advantages:

  1. Deep loosening : A reversible tiller can loosen the soil deeply, which is particularly important for aerating deeper soil layers and promoting root growth. By breaking up soil compaction, roots can penetrate deeper into the soil, resulting in improved water absorption and nutrient supply.

  2. Removal of plant residues : A reversible tiller can effectively incorporate plant residues such as straw or crop residues into the soil. This promotes the breakdown of organic materials and increases the humus content of the soil, thereby improving soil fertility.

  3. weed control : Turning the soil brings weeds and weeds below the soil surface where they die or decompose. This can help reduce weed populations and reduce the need for herbicides.

  4. Preparation for sowing : A reverse tiller can optimally prepare the soil for sowing by creating an even seedbed structure and preparing the soil to absorb seeds and nutrients.

  5. Erosion protection : By turning and loosening the soil, an inverter tiller can help reduce soil erosion by improving soil structure and making the soil surface more stable.

  6. Adaptation to different types of soil : Reversible tillers are available in various sizes and designs that can be adapted to different soil types and agricultural requirements. This makes them versatile and can be used in different fields and for different crops.

Overall, the use of a reversible tiller helps to improve the soil, increase yields and increase the efficiency of agricultural work, especially when preparing the soil for sowing.

Reversible tillers are available in various sizes and styles to suit different requirements and soil conditions. They are commonly used in agriculture to prepare soil before sowing crops, but also for tillage in gardens and landscaping applications. Using a reversible tiller can help improve soil quality, control weeds, break down organic materials and improve soil structure for optimal plant growth.


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