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Agricultural machinery Neuhaus

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Our Mowers are characterized by a very good workmanship. You can find the mowers in our online shop under the names drum mower, rotary mower, mower, disc mower, front mower, rear mower and sickle mower.

Whether for your own forage harvesting or landscape maintenance, whether for grass or other plants, mowers find a variety of uses. Mounted on the tractor, a significantly higher performance potential is achieved in the mowing than would be the case with a small motor mower. At the same time this variant also offers a higher working comfort, since one does not have to go behind the device. Mowers are available in various designs, which differ not only in their working width, but also in their design. Depending on which tractor is to be used later, it is advisable to take a closer look at the characteristics of the different types. This is especially true if you want to work with a small tractor.

We have the mowers of the manufacturers Talex and Del Morino in the program.

Spare Parts like V-belts, knife blades, blade levers, knife sets, drive shafts as well as all other spare parts you will of course receive from us. The respective spare parts list can be found on the product page for download

Mow with the small tractor

On areas that do not serve for food, usually come mulcher used, which are often called mulching mowers. With such mowers also wild growth and scrub can be kept very short. It is advantageous that a comminution of the cuttings takes place so that it does not have to be traversed. At the same time it prevents that further scrub on the surfaces spreads.

Purchase criteria for mowers for tractors

After it has become clear whether the green space is to be used extensively or intensively, the first important purchase decision is already made. Furthermore, the working width of the mower must match the width of the small tractor. Similarly, the power requirement of the mower plays an important role, since the engine power of the tractor should not be lower in any case. Because, it should also be taken into account the condition of the area. On slopes, a higher engine power is generally required than on flat fields.

In addition, the weight of the mower should fit the small tractor. If it is too difficult, only an unsafe driving will take place. You may be able to eliminate this problem by attaching front weights.

If you are looking for a mower then you will find one that fits your needs!

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