Vibratory plate, vibrating plate, vibration trainer VIBRO 2300

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Vibratory plate VIBRO 2300 

Recommended by the veterinarian clinic for horses in Seeburg!

Thanks to our VIBRO 2300 vibrating plate, blood circulation is stimulated, muscles are built up and tension is released without burdening the body. Many areas, which are not reached by conventional training methods, are much better trained and perfused with regular use by the micro-vibrations (internal organs, lungs, legs, etc.). Healing processes in the area of ​​the tendons and ligaments etc. are supported and accelerated by the increased blood circulation and the resulting oxygen exchange.

Thanks to the micro-vibrations an instability in the muscle balance is generated, which is automatically compensated by the body again and again. Thus, the muscles are trained and fats burned. Hoof growth and bone density are promoted and improved.

For treatment of tendon and ligament injuries, osteoporosis, laminitis, chronic respiratory diseases and hoof roll findings. In the wellness area, the vibration plate provides relaxation without losing muscle. The micro-vibrations stimulate bowel activity at the same time and can also be a helpful and effective therapy method for colic.

The vibration plate is based on the same physically and technologically established principles of whole-body vibration training that are also used for training astronauts to promote the development of bone density and muscle building. The version for people (“Powerplate”) is a globally accepted means of increasing general fitness and promoting metabolism.

The vibration plate is a safe and easy way to give a horse a versatile physical training and a massage in one. The result is a marked improvement in blood flow, especially in the legs and upper body organs. The result is better health and the prevention of injuries, as well as speeding up the healing process for injuries.

Our vibrating plate VIBRO 2300 has a weight of approx. 210 kg, width approx. 1.025 mm, length approx. 2.310 mm. The vibration plate is equipped with two vibration motors which are optimally placed (see diagram), The delivery includes incl touch - panel to regulate the vibration intensity, timer function and frame. As an option, a coin vending machine is available at extra cost. Ask us, we will advise you.

We also have Horse-solariums and Riding arena planners for optimal riding care in the program.

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